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About Jeremy Greenberg

Jeremy Greenberg is a comedic writer and the the best-selling author of ten books, with a variety of new titles on the way.  When Jeremy's not writing, he's following his cat around the house for attention, helping his sons find their shoes despite having just removed them, and also enjoys helping his wife find her phone which after five minutes is always discovered in her car. 

For real he was a stand-up comedian who travelled the world for the fifteen years leading up to the birth of his children; he's also written for a bunch of magazines, and was the daily parenting blogger for MSN's The Family Room for it's entire three year run. Not only did he never miss a deadline, many of his entries were selected for the homepage, and the blog even won some award even though there were no pictures. Jeremy also wrote numerous reported articles for Microsoft, along with humorous scripts for early content offerings by MSN. 

Jeremy was born in Brooklyn, New York, but after about a year had his new parents relocated to California, eventually arriving in the Bay Area suburbs of San Ramon and Danville. He went to school in Danville, but like most of the poor kids in the region lived in San Ramon. Jeremy will forever love this region and the people, because on his tenth birthday a rich kid's mom bought him a Metallica album. Furthermore the compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness he received during his young years is why he credits the place as special. 

Today Jeremy's family knows San Diego as home, the warm weather being ideal for kids who don't care when they last saw their shoes.  

Above all, he loves all animals and humans, with a special place in his heart for the ferals. And he loves to write and share with all readers. He thanks you for being here!