Mayor Silicon Meowy

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Occasionally great beings arise to help humanity find a better path. On this occasion, the great being is a highly-intelligent, hilarious, half-dead cat who in addition to ushering in a new age of enlightenment by way of the Silicon Valley, would really love his beloved human to clean his litter box and smoke a bit less pot. As funny as it is philosophical, as twisted as it is true, as poetic as it is profane, welcome to a novel that is so much more than a story. Welcome to a narrative as innovative and focused on saving humanity as any entrepreneur who calls this place home.

Your adorable little guide is Mayor Silicon Meowy, a formerly feral and super stupid tabby who accidentally catches fire inside the Tesla factory only to awaken realizing he hasn’t merely survived, but suddenly has a lot more on his mind than “meow.” Emboldened by his new abilities and the transformative love of the woman who adopted him, he sets off into the arenas of technology, business, politics, culture, and cat food, determined to make the world way better. Or at least significantly less crappy.

Let’s just hope humanity remembers to feed him before it’s too late…

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